Tal's Depression, boarder line diabetes & 60+ lbs gone!

Tals testimony.jpg

Have you ever answered yes to any of these…

1. Have you ever faked being happy? 😬

2. Ever been so depressed that you can’t see all the good that’s really happening in your life? 😒

3. Do you ever get startled by your own reflection and say, ”what happened to me, I used to be HOT?” 😩

4. Ever climb a flight of stairs with a friend to be too embarrassed to continue speaking because you just CAN’T CATCH YOUR BREATH? 😰

5. Have you ever wondered how long you had to live before inevitable disease would take you? 😔

Yup, I could answer “yes” to all five! 🤫

🇺🇸 I moved to America in 1995 from Jamaica 🇯🇲 and proudly marched the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) banner as a student. How was I to know that 22 years later in Jan. 2017 my doctor would tell me that I was 3-6 months shy of being a full blown Type 2 Diabetic with inevitable Heart Disease! 🙄 Like for real…I cried for days! 😢 I didn’t speak to anyone, I couldn’t and if I did, I had no idea what we were talking about, I was in a haze of depression. I withdrew myself and hid in shock and despair too embarrassed to share with anyone what was really happening to me! 😑 It seemed like every “diet program” I did, (and I did MANY, just name it) were always just a rollercoaster 🎢 for my weight and nothing more, while my BP, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels still elevated with every doctor visit. To top it off my PCOS was actually worsening!!! 😱

Alright Tal, get to the “juicy” part (pun intended)😛, where are you now? How has Purium helped you change all of that? Update…

💥 BOOM 💥 just like that, after 19 months of loving myself, I hit another HUGE milestone! 💃💃💃Do the dance with me my friends, I’ve gone from a whopping 225 pounds to 165 pounds!!! YUP, THAT’S SIXTY FREAKING POUNDS! 💃💃💃 So basically I started off with carrying a 7 year old with me on my body every second of every day for 20 years!!! THAT’S A LOT…or I should say, “DAS A HOAL HEEP!!!”😱😱😱

So now I pay it forward by offering my own $50 gift cards to all my family, friends, co-workers including volunteer partners, my social media peeps near and far and even new friends I meet in Target…LOL…so they can shop at my online Superfoods Superstore so at the same time as continuing my health journey I am also healing our financial dept! 💚

Robert Brown