Rebecca's Life long Celiac Healed!!!

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I cannot remember the last time I felt this ALIVE!

My quest for health started many years ago. I was diagnosed with celiac disease at 27 years old after 6 years of stomach distress, fatigue, and undernourishment. I then suffered through illness after illness even after I learned and fully committed to a organic gluten-free lifestyle. I was depressed, I was exhausted and I kept getting sick with infection after infection. I was so young and so sad. This could not be how I was meant to feel. I just wanted my life back.

Even though I was eating really healthy food, it didn't matter, my body could not absorb the nutrients. It was at this time I met the most impactful woman on my health journey, naturopath and master herbalist Kathy Matara. She helped me learn how to eat in a new way so that my body could heal and absorb the nutrients it was ingesting. I began a few months on an individualized diet and herb program that she created for me and I started to come Alive again, I had a renewed outlook on my life and hope for my future. Since then, I continued to work hard to maintain good health and nurture myself with the most healthy nutrient dense foods I can find.

I started to heal and was finally blessed to give birth to a beautiful baby boy last year. Now, all mothers know how demanding the first year with baby is is and how tired you are. My time, energy, and mental clarity have been seriously lacking! I relied completely on my husband to clean house, buy groceries, and even make meals for us.

3 months ago my friend Kathy Matara came to the rescue again. She introduced me to an easily accessible, affordable, organic , ethical and non-gmo superfood program. I knew I needed this because it would make it easy for me to consume high quality foods every day so I could get the nourishment I needed without spending hours in the kitchen. Something I love doing but just no longer had the time and energy to do.

Just 2 short weeks after using these superfoods, I started doing more than nurturing my baby; I spring cleaned the house, organized our spare room for the baby and visiting guests, starting going on outings with my family, running errands, and grocery store runs and loving every moment of it. Before these Incredible superfoods I was so exhausted and I relied completely on my husband, you can bet he is just as thankful and I am.

My energy levels have become even better than before I was pregnant! Not only are these superfoods giving me my life back, they are also saving me time and money, allowing me to get the nutrition I need in my most hectic days and thankfully making my life a lot easier.

The taste is even far superior to the green smoothies I was making from scratch that took much more time and energy from prep to clean up. Because its so easy, I never miss a day of drinking them, which means I am fully nourished every day, and I am actually feeling fully nourished! I am also less cranky and less irritated because my hormones are finally balancing. My anxiety has diminished! Before, I was afraid to leave the house, now I long to do so much!

Not only am I enjoying these great health benefits, but my husband is as well. He lost 12 pounds after only 30 days of using these superfoods and now after 3 months of this nutrition, he has lost a total of 15 pounds. My baby boy is also benefiting greatly from these superfoods, I add them to his breastmilk bottle and in a fruit smoothie and he really loves it and wants to eat more! He is thriving and that makes me so happy

My sweet baby turns 1 year old tomorrow and I am so grateful to have gained this quality of life back so that I may enjoy these special times with my ohana!

I am in LOVE with life again! I dont want to miss out on anything anymore and I am so truly thankful that I do not have to. I am DONE being exhausted and unable. I AM NOW ABLE.

If you are also struggling with a lack of energy, getting sick all the time, exhausted, or you are also looking for an easy, tasty, affordable, organic and non-gmo program to help you take your health back like I did mine, comment below and I would be happy to share with you what I have learned! It has completely changed my family's life!

Robert Brown