Jimmy lost 60 lbs and happier then ever!

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I used to be uncomfortable and self conscious weighing in around 225lbs for years.. I found it hard to approach girls and didn't feel confident to go on dates. I was smoking and drinking and just felt down.

But woohoo, that has all changed for me .
I have energy and am grateful everyday for my friend Jeanne Cooper Kerwin that introduced me to an amazing organic superfood protocol that I love and live on daily.

I'm hooked on the delicious green shakes I drink 2 a day and gave 2 serves of the plant based amino acids .

I enjoy clean eating also and drink plenty of water. My mind is clear and I don't feel depressed anymore.

I'm currently at 165 lbs down from 225lbs and feel strong and Alive again. Thats 60lbs!!!

Being nourished at the cellular level has supported me to quit smoking and drinking.

I've lost 60lbs over the past 6 months and I have my confidence back. This is huge!!

My life has done a complete 360 and it continues to get better and better..Im happy and healthy .

It's all about consistency. The key to my big change :).

Robert Brown