Busy Mom & Grandmother finds an easy way to care for herself !

nayeva b4 after.jpg

As a busy mom with 5 children... one toddler and 4 kids in 3 different schools!

As you can imagine my morning routine can be hectic...

I get up, wake up the kids... Make breakfast, make their lunch, then get them all off to school... on time!

I didn't have time for myself... I was exhausted! I would come home hungry, groggy and overwhelmed with my daily responsibilities! 

I am so happy I found something amazing! Now I feed my body with the ease and simplicity of core 3 nutrition in less then 5 minutes a day and I feel amazing!

I now have more energy, feel less stressed and I feel my body getting a core workout without going to the gym!! 

And best of all I am able to have energy for my kids and not feel completely exhausted from keeping up with my toddler and the never ending household chores! 

As a busy breastfeeding mommy I know how it is to not be able to eat properly sometimes... And I have found something amazing and I will use it FOREVER! 

Robert Brown