Self-Care Tips for Elimination

Self-Care Tips for Elimination

I am sharing this information support you on your journey.  These simple self-care techniques can help you release through your skin, bowels, mouth and nose to achieve optimum results. These are suggestions gathered from my personal experience of cleansing over the years. I do not claim to know what is right for your body. Please listen to yourself and consult with your healthcare practitioners. 


Start with eliminating sugar, dairy, meat, flour, starchy vegetables, highly sweet fruits, caffeine and processed foods. 

some great soup recipes in this group in files section 

Create Quiet Time

Meditation, going in, reflection, journaling each day a little can reveal a lot about what you are letting go of at a deeper emotional/spiritual level. 

Go outside and stand outside in sun in the morning for a few minutes. Bare feet on the earth is lovely. 

Oil pulling 

Oil pulling will pull out toxins deep in your body. I follow oil pulling with tongue scraping. It’s important to rinse mouth with warm water in between as the oil has a lot of toxins in it. 

Tongue scraping

Moving Lymph and Supporting Elimination

• Dry Brushing

• Oilination 

• Take Epsom salt (2 cups) and Baking Soda (1 whole container) and Apple Cider vinegar warm bath – soak at least 20 minutes. 

• Do self massage or get a massage: Belly rubs every day. You can use coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) or sesame oil. 

• Go in Sauna/steam

• Gentle movement like yoga and walking

• Jumping on a rebounder for 15-20 minutes will move the lymph and help with detox. 

• Using a wooden tool called a gua sha to move the lymph and open up sore muscles. Feels great after oilination.  You can do it all over you body, but this video demonstrates the head and neck.

Neti Pot 

Nasal irrigation can help with allergies and cleanses the nose and can relieve mucus if we are sick.  I would only use distilled or purified water heated up and then I add cold to it.

Bowel Elimination

It is essential to be having bowels movements regularly – at a minimum one substantial movement per day. Do whatever you can to keep things moving so the toxins don’t reabsorb in your system.  Enemas can keep things moving or a colonic if you are comfortable with that level of deep letting go.  Coffee enemas can get your bowels moving if there is stagnation. Adding Kombu seaweed to the water will nourish internally. If you are comfortable receiving a colonic this can help your detox process GREATLY. 


It is essential to stay hydrated. Most of us are somewhat dehydrated in our daily life. Dry skin, chapped lips and crankiness can be signs of dehydration. 

• Add a pinch of Pink or Grey salt and lemon or lime to a quart of water for natural electrolytes. 

• Add cucumber slices and let them sit in a jug of water. The cucumbers will help you detox. 

• Add a tablespoon of flax to a quart jar of water and let sit overnight. In the morning you can strain off the flax seeds or just drink. The flax helps with absorption.

• Drink warm water throughout the day. 

Other tips

• Enjoy your favorite medicinal teas: Nettles and Clover are blood cleansers and particularly supportive. 

• You favorite tea with almond, coconut milk  or hemp milk can fulfill the need for a sweet treat. 

• My favorites teas for the 10-day Core3 Acceleration are Yogi Teas: Kava Bland, Chai Rooibos, Cinnamon Healthy Skin. No sweeteners added but you can add almond, coconut or hemp milk (unsweetened.) 

• Be sure to check your milks to be sure they do not have carageenan because it can cause constipation. The optimum milk is almond, freshly made and refrigerated with no preservatives. You can make yourself or find it in the cooler section of your health food store. 

If you are trying to quit coffee, a wonderful coffee substitute: Dandy Blend

You can put coconut oil in your shake if you feel you need more the of good fats besides avocados. 

Get extra rest and sleep. Nap if you can, especially Day 1-3. 

Robert Brown