Super Life Formula

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Super charge your body.

Super charge your mood.

Super charge your life!

May support healthy testosterone levels in men and women

May enhance sexual desire

Can support healthy circulation

May enhance mood or provide general sense of well-being

Purium`s Super Life Formula contains a variety of herbs and plant extracts that have been proven to help increase muscle mass, normalize hormone levels, build endurance, speed muscle recovery, and increase libido. We recommend combining Super Life Formula with our Super Amino 23 as part of any workout regimen.

What it is: An all-natural proprietary formula designed to provide a safe, effective, and powerful testosterone-enhancing alternative to the many potentially harmful products on the market. Whether you are interested in increasing muscle mass, building endurance, speeding recovery, regulating hormones or increasing your libido, Super Life Formula will provide your body with the support it needs.

Interesting Facts:

Chinese doctors claim that velvet antler brings power and strength to the kidneys, improves lung function, and helps the body to process energy quickly and efficiently while strengthening the organs of endurance. Traditional Chinese medicine states that the use of velvet antler has had a positive effect on male impotence, premature ejaculation, general sexual debility, prostatic problems, and incontinence. It also claims that women who use velvet antler have fewer menstrual disorders, better sex drive, higher fertility, and healthier childbearing and nursing. Chinese medical books tout it`s use for many other illnesses as well and they claim it increases vitality, improves metabolism and circulation, and sharpens mental awareness. Modern day research is beginning to verify these uses.

Current research demonstrates the particular promise of ELJ (Long Jax) for supporting men`s health at various life stages. This action appears in part to be due to ELJ`s unique ability to support testosterone production. While a link between testosterone levels and athletic performance has not been established, the importance of testosterone to nitrogen retention, anabolism, lean body mass, and increased size and strength is well recognized. Interest in maximizing muscle and strength remains high in the athletic community, and Long Jax/ELJ may supply a safe alternative to current practices.

A large percentage of men who used American Ginseng reported an increased satisfaction with their sex lives. Measurable test results show that it can help maintain erection longer, increase size and firmness of erection, increase sexual desire, raise testosterone levels, increase sperm count, increase sperm mobility. Human trials also showed

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