Lymes Disease Protocol

Here’s the written copy of Dr. Dana McGrady’s Lyme Protocol found in the video link below. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO since Dr. Dana goes over how to use everything in that video. This  document is to clarify what is shared in that video. That link is linked below the protocol recommendations written here. The video is on an event page so to find it, scroll down until you see her video. Be sure to work with your qualified health/medical practitioner(s) with this protocol.

First thing Dr. McGrady speaks about is her Electrodermal Screening Machine that helps her to detect what’s going on in the body and to get to the root causes of the problems.

Root causes such as bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc

Greens green greens will help with detoxing so increase these

Power Shake - will need to check for amounts per day

Vira Sure (anti fungal) 4 - 6 - 8/day - use the Loading Dose to begin with and decrease gradually

Immuno Max - 18/day Day 1 then Day 2 12/day and gradually decrease to 6 - 8/day

Advanced Probiotics - did not give an amount/day

*Super CleansR 4/day x 10 days followed by

*Caramel Apple Daily Fiber Blend 1-2 scoops/day x 20 days followed by

*Super CleansR 10 additional days

*Super CleansR x 10 days + Daily Fiber Blend x 20 days + Super CleansR x 10 days is the Parasite protocol and works great with a Ten Day Transformation at the beginning and end and should be done 2 times/year

*Parasites lay eggs that will hatch 21 days later = see the protocol guideline above

*Also helps to get rid of a parasite called Bobesia (sp?) that causes muscle aches and joint pain.

Joint Flex

Apothecherry for deep sleep and inflammation

Bee Energetic for energy and fatigue 6/day

Can’t Beet This for energy

Revive It All for mental clarity and decrease of brain fog - 3 - 4 - 6/day

Super Aminos 23 for supporting muscles since muscle waste is an issue with Lyme

Get on the Lifestyle with unlimited flex foods - look at video for further information on that recommendation. 

Full list of items:

Core $ + 10 Day Transformation + Parasite Super CleansR + Joint Flex + Revive It All + Bee Energetic + Immuno Max + Vira Sure + Advanced Probiotics + Can’t Beet This + Daily Fiber + BIOME MEDIC (not discussed in this video b/c the product came out after the video was made - Biome Medic detoxes the gut micro biome of glyphosate, repairs the villi, is a pre & probiotic)

May not need all items in list - check with the person who shared a card with you for additional guidelines and for follow up recommendations.

Robert Brown