Product Purity, Testing & Sourcing

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Purity & Potency

  • Purium has an in house Microbiologist that runs EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT through 5 tiers of Quarantine before an Infrared Molecular Scan to match for PURITY.

  • PURITY MEANS: No Heavy Metals, No GMOs, No Pesticides/Herbicides/Insecticides/Biocides PERIOD, let alone binders, fillers, colors, preservatives, additives.

  • Purium is BEYOND USDA ORGANIC Standards. Organic, Non GMO, Vegan & Kosher

  • We have 6 agencies that come and inspect our products and facility regularly. The FDA, USDA, State of Cali, Good Manufacturing practices, organic, and kosher.

  • Real Whole Plant; Leaves, Roots, Seeds, Sprouts, Fruits. And that’s it. Live dehydrated to keep the vital life force in tact.

Live Dehydration Process

  • Purium's cereal grass powders are composed of plant matter dried at 88°F to a moisture content of <7%. This results in a product that is shelf-stable, but which has not lost nutritional content. If we used a higher heat, we would risk damaging the important compounds in plants that make them nutritious.

  • Certain drying processes help remove water and/or moisture, leaving only the dry material. The details of this process are proprietary but the basic mechanics can include the use of vacuum hot air chambers, revolving heated drums and negative pressure.

  • When products are dissolved in water or juice as recommended, the plant matter is briefly brought back to the state of vivacity just prior to the drying process. We recommend consuming green drinks within half an hour of mixing.

Product testing

  • Purium conducts a thorough battery of tests for contamination on all of our products. Purium products are well within federal and state mandates regarding content of heavy metals, environmental contaminants, radiation, and microbial organisms.

  • Purium testing includes tests for staph, salmonella, E. coli, coliform bacteria, and other harmful microbial lifeforms as well as heavy metal contaminants such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

  • Purium prides itself on maintaining the safety and nutritional value of all our products. Purium has not and will never sell products that violate the standards of federal and state mandates.

Product sourcing

Purium's products are sourced only from farms and suppliers that we trust. They do not use artificial pesticides, fertilizers, or GMO seeds to produce the raw materials.  Products are processed on-site after harvesting, which improves the quality of the powders and extracts that we receive by halting the process of degradation that begins as soon as the plant has left the soil. No nutrients are lost in transit between the farm and our manufacturing facility in Long Beach. This results in the freshest products possible for our customers.  Our facilities where we produce and process ingredients for our products are non-GMO and meet the highest quality standards.

Cereal Grasses such as Kamut, Barley, Wheatgrass (unless otherwise indicated), are grown at a private farm in Utah.

Spirulina is sourced from salt waters in China.

Cracked Cell Chlorella is produced in Taiwan.

Rice Bran Solubles is sourced from Thailand.

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