Jennifer's Transformation helped with her endometriosis

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This superfoods program... I completed a 10-day accelerated, daily core nutrition and then another 10-day accelerated. I achieved so much health improvement in my first transformation and wanted to lose more inches so did another shortly after 😊

All you see here are the appearance improvements, what you can't see is how these superfoods can help with internal health issues. I was suffering with about a dozen severe chronic health conditions.

One of them was 26 years of endometriosis for which I had six operations and was in talks of a hysterectomy because that is the only way the medical establishment knew how to end the pain and suffering I was going through, but I knew it would mean trading one set of problems for another and so very thankful for this amazing balanced gift of nature! I am free of endometriosis! I can't even remember a world without it as I came down with endometriosis when I was only 14 years old.

I had hypothyroid and was losing my vision due to thyroid eye disease, had GERD so bad I would be awake all night pacing because I could not lay down without it feeling like I was suffering from a gunshot wound. I wound up with a hole burned into my esophagus from the acid. I suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome, severe inflammation, hormonal imbalances, candida, leaky gut and a host of other issues. To have most of these problems wiped from my life in only 10 days was such a blessing.

I was at the lowest place in life spending most days in my room alone, wondering what life would be like for me over the next forty years. I am beyond thankful for this gift and for my amazing friend sharing this product line with me. It has truly changed the lives of everyone in my family. My kids have the best nutrition possible and are also thriving.

I've tried master cleanse, GAPS, whole 30 and many other cleanses and protocols with very little improvement. I am beyond thankful to have my life back.

Robert Brown