Carlie Cruz 40 Day Ultimate

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I just finished my first 40 Day Program and I feel freaking FABULOUS!✨💚✨ Yes, I let go of much unwanted fat but that pales in comparison to how I feel!!!😃

My mind is clear, my hair is growing like when I was younger, my skin is soft as a baby’s bottom, and my energy levels are through the roof!!!! Oh and did I mention I’m gaining muscle definition WITHOUT any exercise?! Yes, that’s what I said....NO exercise!

Now please understand, I’m not proud of the fact that I haven’t even walked around the block in forever and I do hope to begin working out again in the near future, especially now that I have all this amazing ENERGY again, but I’m just saying! Like WOW! In the past, I was the person who was in the gym several hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Had I really known the power of Superfood nutrition back then, I can only imagine what I could have transformed my body into with a whole lot less time and effort!💪🏼

I may be a ways away from where I’d like to be BUT I’m determined to get there!

And that’s why I’m going to do another 40 Days....not to mention I feel way too good to stop now!

Let’s transform and optimize our bodies so we can be fully confident and comfortable in our own skin as well as have abundant energy to enjoy this life to the fullest!✨

*Note: A few questions I get a lot are....

Q: Can I still eat while on this Program? 

A: YES! There is never a time where you will not be consuming food! As a matter of fact, you will be more nourished than most have ever experienced in their life!

Q: What is the investment?

A: $8 a day covers it! Most spend more on fast food, Starbucks, etc. I am so shocked how much money I’ve saved over the past 40 Days! I was spending about $18 per day just at the juice bar....that didn’t even include the cost of my meals and snacks!

Q: Will I be able to leave the house?.....or in other words, Will I need to be chained to a toilet?😂 (I know it sounds funny but this is a legitimate concern of many)

A: This is not that type of “cleanse”. You will be able to do your day to day activities without any concern such as these.

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