Our Movement 

Our mission at Purium is to change the standard American diet. We aim to help people move from a demineralized and overly processed diet to one that is rich in pure whole foods. An organic, plant based lifestyle benefits both the consumer and our planet. Purium delivers a solution that will help people optimize their health and leave the planet better than we found it.

All that we consume on a daily basis, directly determines our mood, energy and quality of life. How we feel and function affects not only ourselves but also our family, friends, community and the world around us.

We are on a mission to help people eat cleaner and greener, by divesting from the foods that are potentially harming our health and investing into life at the next level.

We believe that every dollar spent is a vote cast, and that by voting for radiant health and environmentally sustainable practices, we can create a ripple of positive change for our future one dollar at a time.

Pure + Premium = Purium


The modern chemical agriculture industry is not only harmful to the people consuming these products, but to the soil, water ways and other living creatures affected by these toxins. There are billions of people on this planet who eat every day and yet America is the most severely overfed and undernourished society on the planet. We offer simple holistic solutions that are easily accessible and create a ripple of positive change for all. We are helping more people shift to a superfood lifestyle which improves the quality of their health and our world.