The Core Principles & 7 Areas of Belief

The Core Principles to success in your business.

1.Make an unyeilding committment.(To yourself and your business. Take repetive daily action, persistance, consistancency, perserverance)

2. Cultivate an unstoppable positive attitude (You attract to your self the frequency you put out)

3.Build unshakable/ unwavering Belief in these 7 areas:

1. Belief in the industry (Network Marketing)

2. Belief in the company (Purium)

3. Belief in the owners ( Dave & Amy)

4. Belief in the Products ( ALL of them)

5. Belief in your TEAM ( holding everyone as capable)

6. Belief in the System ( G.A.M.E. plan/5 simple Steps/ duplication)

7. Belief in SELF ( You are worthy)

To build your beleif in these areas seek out knowledge, educate yourself, have personal experience, connect with TEAM, read books on the industry and on personal growth, come on "meet the owners" call and company calls". Go to events. Ask for upteam support.

Great books on the industry:"Go Pro" Eric Worre "Making the first circle work" Randy Gage "The Four Year Career" Richard Bliss Brooke

Robert Brown