Zucchini Pasta Putinesca


Zucchini pasta 🍝 putinesca!


Zucchini noodles

Raw fermented cashew cheeze πŸ§€ ( not if on 10 day cleanse)

(Recipe in group)

Raw pasta sauce

πŸ…1/2 cup Sun dried tomatoes

πŸ… 1 cup cherry or Roma tomatoes

πŸ… 1-2 cloves garlic

πŸ… 1/2 jalapeΓ±o

πŸ… fresh bunch basil ( to taste )

πŸ… Kalamata olives (optional)

πŸ… 1/2 tsp raw honey

πŸ… fresh oregano 1 large leaf

πŸ… salt and pepper

πŸ…Blend all ingredients in food processor (I like It chunky)

In this sauce I added some rainbow chard as well to beef up with more greens and it was delicious )

πŸ…In coco oil sautΓ© garlic and add zoodles ( and we added a portobello mushroom) cook lightly til warm add sauce and heat until just

Warm. Do not over cook to keep enzymes in tact. Put zoodles in bowl top with a tbs of cheeze. Top with fresh basil . Enjoy!πŸ˜‹

Robert Brown