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Introducing the Organic Juice Bar of the Future

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5 Delicious, Refreshing, Non GMO Superfood Drinks at the Press of a Button

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The Organic Juice Bar of the Future is revolutionizing the American soft drink industry by offering the highest quality, non GMO superfoods to consumers at the press of a button.

Instead of serving unhealthy, artificially colored, flavored and sugary drinks, we offer five refreshing, delicious & nutritious organic beverages.

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Demand for healthier options is on the RISE and The Juice Bar of the Future is ready to meet the market place and help America THRIVE again.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to monetize on the Organic & Non GMO Superfood movement.

Help your clients and customers up-level their health and well being while generating healthier profits for yourself & your business.

Earn Healthy Profits, While Helping People Get Healthy

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How Much Will It Cost?

  • Each machine comes with enough superfood drink mixes to serve over 1,500 beverages and costs just under $7000.

  • Price includes shipping, delivery, installation, warranty, and 3 years of water filters.

  • Includes 6 filters that handle 12,000 gallons of water per filter.

Earn $$ FAST!

  • Get “in profit” after your third drink each day.

  • With 3-year financing option, pay for the entire machine simply by selling the 1500 product servings INCLUDED with your machine.

  • Qualify for zero money down and 90-day deferred option with our 2-hr instant credit approval.

It’s EASY !

  • Morning setup and evening cleanup can be done in less than 10 minutes total.

  • Weekly sanitizing requires less than a 30 minute commitment. That’s less than 10 hours per month.

  • Delivery, installation, setup included in the price.

  • Our online support staff is standing by to help with any troubleshooting issues you might have.

It’s Time To Thrive!